Rent family apartments in a pine forest near the sea

The idea of Smilčių trio

We wanted to provide new standards to the quality of recreation. For those people, who spend their vacations with the family. For those, who love a quiet rest combined with active communication. For those, who love to spend summer in Palanga.

Therefore, we thought of an idea to create a cosy island called SMILČIŲ TRIO. Individual family apartments in a pine forest near the sea. A beautiful place gives a new value to your rest. It is a premium class in the amazing place with quiet neighbours.

Well-known architects

"Each new creation – a new challenge. The most important in this project is that the buildings would blend into the environment, so that people would feel comfortable and could rest. It was especially interesting to work in such distinctive location and because of naturally occurring qualitative requirements." "

Paulius Dedelė
Head architect from JSC “Studija Ps”
We have built a lot of private space, lots of light and nature, which reflects in big windows. The whole luxury of this project is infrastructural, arranged in a favourable location – a recreational resort area protected from the future industrial constructions. It is peaceful, it has a pine forest, sea, and the central part of Palanga is within a walking distance.

From the very first day, the project developers have emphasized the quality of constructional and finish materials. We mainly focused on the needs of future residents. We strived to prevent any potential design and construction errors, therefore, we used BIM modelling for designing.

You can quickly familiarize with all steps of the project

Idea Plan 3D model Results


- YES design team
Indrė & Greta
"It is important to create a cosy atmosphere for the residents without overloading it with unnecessary elements, things, and details. The interior must be both functional and aesthetically pleasant. We used natural materials for the interior elements. For example, we used a rough wooden beam in the bathroom and the bedroom, as a foundation to a sink or storage space. Of course, these materials are hygienically processed, but still, they look like brought straight from nature."

"Ergonomic and high quality materials express luxury. The interior layout, furniture models allow the residents to feel comfortable at home and fully exploit each corner. High quality materials provides the apartment with luxury and durability."

Samples of unique interior that were designed especially for these apartments


While implementing our idea, we thought about the future residents and their resting mood. Premium class apartments in a good location – requires to have even a higher value. It encouraged us to choose only high quality materials for interior and exterior of apartments. Today, it was everything and more: aluminium windows, independent geothermal heating, three-ply laminate floating parqueted floor. We invite you to admire the mood that we have created.


  • Traditional architectural form with a sloping roof near the pine forest, therefore, a great view is visible for both people coming from the town and returning from the sea.
  • Big windows and modern glass walls – reflect the environment, therefore, the buildings blend with the surrounding nature.
  • Natural finish materials with wooden elements – give life to the buildings.
  • Wide terraces – here you can see the sunset or the sunrise and rest while enjoying the fresh sough of the pine forest.
  • Safe children’s entertainment – a spacious playground in the backyard.
  • Underground parking lot – 24 spaces in total.
  • Over time growing value of apartments – high quality buildings in the beautiful resort, Naglis avenue pine forest, a pound, and the Baltic Sea.
  • Entertainments in Palanga – it does not disturb the quiet rest, but you can quickly access it by bicycle or on foot.


  • Bright residential rooms with beautiful scenery outside the big windows.
  • A lot of space and comfort for everyone – it is luxury apartments for family recreation.
  • Cosy atmosphere for residents – there are no unnecessary elements, things, and tedious details.
  • Naturalistic continuity maintained – functional used hygienically processed elements from nature.
  • Luxury, high quality and abrasion-resistant materials – interior remains fully aesthetically pleasant.
  • Reliable and high quality basis for those, who look for individual solutions – durable wooden flooring, walls painted with natural colours.

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Indre Andrejeve

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